Louis Wright - Lead Vocals

Born in London, grew up in Luxembourg, Louis met Danilo Linosa at school and asked to join his band "The Timothies"as a bass player where there they opened for another school band "Blackout" which was made up of Klaus Gehlhaar, Marion Thill  and Mario Di Stefano. After university Louis joined Mario, Klaus and the young teenage drummer Dan Dechmann in the band "New Deal". 

It was after New Deal broke up that Louis decided to form Surf Cowboys with all his old school buddies

Mario Di Stefano - Guitar Hero and vocals

Klaus Gehlhaar - Bass & Lead Vocals

Danilo Linosa - Guitars & Lead Vocals

Dan Dechmann - Drums & Percussion

Marion Thill - Guitars, Vocals, Tattoos and Body Piercing

Troy Bankhead - Keyboards, Musical Genius & Vocals